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I Feel Like I’ve Been Missing Out

Oh boy, have I been missing out… on the awesome train wreck that is this video:

I’m sure this video came out some while ago maybe while Brit and K-Fed were still together buuut it is still an amazing find. An amazing buried treasure. Except it’s on the internet for the whole world to see.

I feel as if this video gives us just a small glimpse into Brit’s (drunk) psyche. We witness her insecurities(“I’m ugly”) as well as signs of the immense pressure she is under(“I’ve been grinding my teeth cuz I’m nervous”). She complains about her mother(“This feels so good to itch…mama, see what you passed down to me”) just as we all do. More importantly she talks about how disconnected she feels from the rest of the world(“I feel like I’ve been missing out :::burp::: on life”) and how even though she is constantly surrounded by people sometimes she just wants to have a night in to reflect(“I’d go watch that movie and just drink at home”).

My favorite is the continuous MMMMMMMM noise she makes throughout the video. You can really feel her pain.

I honestly love this grrrl to death. I was on her team back in her school girl days as well as when she transitioned into a latex wearing snake holding seductress. Let’s face it though, Britney was never not sexual. From her first video she was already playing up the whole naughty school girl thang and the only reason there was a Britney backlash(not really a backlash considering she became more famous) was because she was actually fully participating in the creation of her sexy image. Everyone was so into her when she was “virginal” sexy but once she actually started having sex(ewww with Justin Timberlake) and started enjoying being sexual everyone turned their backs on her. That was only the mini backlash though. The BIG ONE was post-KFed. Sure, I kind of understand how pictures like this can give off the impression that Brit was having a bad day:

But c’mon we all have bad days when we want to smash someone’s car window with our umbrella right after having a pretty drastic hair makeover. Right? Anyways, Brit is no easy puzzle to solve but she is pretty amazing at keeping us entertained and laughing at things that are pretty unfunny. There is no doubt in my mind that she was going through a really hard time in her life(wouldn’t you if you realized you were married to K-Fed?) and was probably heavily medicated or just really really depressed which can cause us to react in strange, unpredictable ways. Even through all the horrible media coverage of Brit she ultimately has the last laugh because she’s come back stronger and hotter than ever. Don’t call it a comeback though, because she was never really gone to begin with.


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