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Buy U A Drank

Really. I really,really need a drink. Or something else to mellow me out. After a hectic, amazing, inspiring day of protesting and resisting I need some help to try to relax. I’m trying my best to chill out and watch some tv but my mind is thinking about where we need to go from here. Anyways, I saw a lady today in an entire crocodile skin outfit and was both disgusted and impressed.

In related news, Jon Gosselin, the dad from the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 went out drinking recently according to this week’s issue of Star magazine.
Ready to pawty…

I don’t read Star normally but I just happened to stumble upon this bit of slightly disturbing info. The disturbing part is not that Jon went out drinking. Being a parent doesn’t and shouldn’t absolve you from buying a drank but what makes this story very strange is that he went to a college party. A women’s volleyball team party. According to the article, he was “dirty dancing” with girls at the party and making moves on them. I can’t say that my interest in this story is entirely based on Jon’s act of infidelity because well I don’t really think Kate likes him so much ( have you ever seen the show? she hates him) but rather on the amazing randomness that he would show up at a party filled with drunken college students. It’s like John Stamos walking into some queer dance party in Brooklyn. Right? Maybe not but I still can’t get over his choice of party. Maybe he was thinking he should go to a place where he would be least likely to be recognized and therefore making cheating on his wife much easier to get away with. It’s not like he could go to some lame middle class hetero pick up spot,right? Those lameos would recognize him in an instant. The truth is that this is probably some made up story. But whoever made it up is a fuckin genius.


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