I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

It’s a very sad time in reality tv land… The Bad Girls Club is over!! You have no idea how deeply sad I am that such an immensely entertaining show is over. Watching those bad girls fight over everything seemingly possible would truly make my week. I hope to do a season recap in their honor sometime soon.

On to more exciting and uplifting news… there are a bunch of new reality tv shows that will be debuting very soon!

1. The Cougar: a show on Tv Land whose premise is about Stacey, a 40 year old mother of four from Arizona, who is choosing to break dating as well as female stereotypes by seeking to date men who are significantly younger than her. You know, young hotties with six packs and highlights.
staceyandersonfinalhires_1The Cougar herself…

Prediction: Tons of awkward moments of immaturity. Daily comments about how much they want to “bone” her. Constantly referring to her as a “cougar”. Some bromance most likely.

Preview: “Because in the end only one young man will prove himself worthy to be with the cougar

2. Daisy of Love: Yet another dating show on VH1 starring Daisy de la Hoya( who is supposedly Oscar de la Hoya’s niece or something) from Rock of Love 2. She’s on a search for love once again,after being dumped by hair extension fanatic Bret Micheals. She must be sooo psyched to be on tv for just a little while longer.
daisy-de-la-hoya-myspace-racy-photos-33Who brought the fog machine?

Prediction: THIS IS GONNA BE FUCKIN AMAZING. Tons of drunk bros who listen to Linkin Park and Staind. Some skinny dudes wearing makeup who wish they were in Poison. Tons of head banging. Boobs Boobs Boobs. Booze Booze Booze.

Preview: Soooo I couldn’t figure out how to insert a VH1 preview so you will have to settle for this youtube video which shows you all the dudes! As well as the names they’ve been given by Daisy! My favorite guy is Torch because seriously it looks like he’s on fire.

3. The Real Housewives of New Jersey: If you’ve seen any of the Real Housewives series than you already know what this is about. If you haven’t, New Fuckin Jersey. Just watch it, okay!
njhousewives31809Jersey’s never looked so good.

Prediction: A lot of hand gesturing. Tons of hair spray. Six Flags. New girl is shunned and called a whore. Shopping, tanning, waxing, french tip manicures. Family always comes first.

Preview: ” She was involved with kidnapping… Colombian cartel…” Also, I feel like the fact that this video is so poorly made reflects on what kind of show this is going to be.


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