(Only)Kiss Me Thru The Phone

It’s been a while… BUT I’M BACK!

I’m sorry I’ve been absent for such an extended period of time but I’ve just been really busy doing nothing. Well, you know I have been doing things… but nothing as gratifying as writing about nonsense on this blog. On a side note, It is really weird to be speaking to an imaginary audience. Meaning, it is weird to apologize to “you” when “you” is probably no one. Therefore I will pretend “you” is my blog. As in my blog has feelings that can be hurt by my writing neglect.

During my last post I stated that I would be doing a lot of TV blogging in the near future but I’m postponing that for now. There is a much more serious topic that I feel I need to talk about: SEXTING(sex texting)

So, I was watching The Tyra Banks Show sometime last week because there was nothing better on( seriously, I do not like that show. ANTM I can handle but having to listen to Tyra talk about how great of a role model she is for a whole hour just makes me want to puke). The segment was about “sexting” which is supposedly some new phenomenon amoung teenagers. Basically sexting involves sending either nude pictures of yourself or explicit sexual messages via texting.
The devil comes in all shapes and sizes.

Since watching this episode, sexting has become a fuckin craze! It is literally making parents, adults, and anyone who thinks they should have a say in this matter go fuckin nuts. Everyone is scared shitless that their teens too are “sexting”. It always amazes me when parents are shocked( or at least appear to be) that their kids are having sex or are exploring their sexuality. Furthermore, whenever parents are going mad about kids having sex I feel like a lot of the shame is put on young women. Most of the conversation surrounding sexting has been directed towards young girls. Even though I understand teen girls might be the ones who are largely participating in “sexting”, isn’t it worth examining what this supposedly new pheneomenon means for teens in general? Especially what it means for the healthy sexual development of all teens. The following(hilarious) video has been made by Brick House Security(who the hell is that?) as a preventative measure to educate people on the harm of sexting.

I think the best way to examine that video is by listing my top 5 moments.
5. “What does a 14 year old have to hide from their parents?” uhhhhh….EVERYTHING!
4. Sprint employee explaining text messaging “You actually have what most teenagers use is text messaging” C’mon he knows she knows what text messaging is. He might as well explain what facebook is. SHE KNOWS.
3.Dawn Tongish. Whattalastname.
2.The fact that they couldn’t even get the CEO of their lame company to make an apearance. Instead they had him call in which is creepy because he’s breathing hard.
1.GRANDMA IS WATCHING! “I would resort to snoopin, I certainly would.”

Bestest moment/even better than #1: Girl texting (possibly sexting) while cat is sitting on her lap( Hahahaha So I seriously thought that was a cat but it’s actually a dog on her lap! It always amazes me how having so many friends who are obsessed with cats rubs off on me)

Even though that video is pretty much hilarious, this whole sexting thing really does have many people incredibly upset. So upset that a group of teens in PA were being charged with child pornography because they allowed themselves to be photographed which is….bullshit. Thankfully, the judge has ruled in favor of the teens and is actually filing a restraining order against the district attorney who tried to charge them with child pornography in the first place.

All of this is such bullshit. I understand why sending naked pictures of yourself via text may not be the best idea but it seems like to me that the real reason everyone is so upset is because young girls are being so explicit about their sexuality in general. The reason why girls feel compelled to “sext” largely varies and because of that very reason we cannot make large assumptions that this is in fact harmful for teens. I know that as women we are constantly made to feel corporeal, meaning we are always made to feel constrained to our anatomy/bodies. This leads to the development of specific gender roles that are designated to us simply because of our anatomy such as mother/nurturer or even to the way women’s bodies are commodified and exploited for financial gain. Anywho, I’m not attempting to find a solution to this sexting epidemic because I actually dont believe it’s a problem at all. I think sexuality and sexual expression(s) are incredibly diverse and compliacted. Especially teen sexuality which is often confusing, scary, and plain awkward. Basically, I just find it fuckin annoying that everyone refuses to actually engage in real, honest conversations about this but then again when do real, honest anything happen in the media.

I really hope this whole “sexting” craze dies down. I hope they discover something else new and disturbing about teens. This reminds me that I have to watch Gossip Girl this monday. I missed it last week and hated myself forever for doing so. I’ll end this post with a video very much related to the topic of sexting. Soulja Boy gives sexting crazed teens a lesson in phone etiquette: Kissing is allowed but crotch shots are not.


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