Punks Do It Better

So, I googled riot grrrl punk and I got this picture:

I don’t really recall an all baby fronted riot grrrl band but I do tend to forget things. This baby has probably had many a night covered in sweat and beer…I felt weird even writing that sentence. I feel weird even having a picture of a baby on this blog.

I’ve been wanting to go to a show lately. Like really badly. I feel like whenever I feel myself getting in a bad mood I begin to yearn for loud music, sweaty bodies, and beerz. I also like getting thrown around and pushing people for no reason other than because I can. Punk makes me so nostalgic which is freakin crazy because it’s not like those years are so behind me that I can really afford to do that. It also makes me feel super anxious and kind of sad that I’ve never started a band. Too bad I never continued learning how to play guitar. Guitar was never my thing though. I always wanted to play the drums. I remember even asking my guitar teacher if he could secretly teach me how to play the drums instead of guitar. But my mom never thought playing the drums was ladylike or whatever so that never happened. All I can do now is dream I guess. Dream of a drum set. Or get off my lazy ass and actually learn how to play. I could do that also.

I was gonna write a post on more Mariah but I feel like maybe I need to cut back on how often I bring her up both in this blog and in my daily interactions.It’s hard though I must say. I think about her constantly. Like just now I’ve been going back and forth from listening to riot grrrl music and Mariah songs. I wonder what a mashup of “Reject All American” and “Dreamlover” would sound like. Amazing probably. Or like shit. Either way I’m all about it.


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