How long will this attempt at blogging last?

Hello internets people

I have never finished anything I’ve started. I once took guitar lessons when I was around 12 years old and only lasted a month(it was a pretty commendable effort actually). This destructive habit has followed me for the majority of my life. Whether it was dance classes or piano classes or any job I’ve ever had. I mean, it is pretty self-destructive, but I also feel like I just have a low tolerance for bullshit. I don’t like feeling bored or trapped or in some kind of continuous pattern for too long so I usually find a reason(either real or made up) to discontinue any activities that are not worthwhile. So, how does blogging relate to all the unnecessary info I just revealed about myself? Well, this project is actually something I want to stick through. I don’t want to forget the name of my blog or my password and decide that it is just to hard to find all that info all over again so giving up is the reasonable thing to do. I want this to be a constant in my daily life. Not in an annoying kind of way but I want to want to write everyday.

Anywhoo I’m annoying and think too much. This will be further revealed in my following posts in which I will talk about anything and everything. I will talk about the things that I love/ hate. Trust me, it is hard to love something in it’s entirety without being critical. Let’s face it most things exist in grey areas that make us uncomfortable but being uncomfortable is actually a good thing because it makes us think and analyze that which makes our palms sweaty and bodies squirm. So, I’m off to watch the second to last episode of The L Word because well I have to since it’s supposedly some big deal that this series is coming to a close. I wonder if lesbians will continue to exist post-L Word…I will give you all an update after next week. Maybe I will choose to blog about the episode but then again lately The L Word has not been so blog-worthy. Seriously, I keep hoping baby Angelica is the one who kills Jenny. Because nothing grabs my attention like a 3 year old killer on the loose.

Also, I will explain why I’ve posted the following video in future posts but as for now…ENJOY:


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